Awesome partnerships you need to know about: Bloomberg Businessweek, Maxim, Forbes and more…

So much is happening at PressReader that we’ve decided to launch an update letting you know about some of our biggest new partners each month.

Featured titles:

It’s business time! We’ve added more than 125 titles this month alone including management faves Bloomberg BusinessweekForbes and Rotman Management Magazine. But you can’t be all work and no play, so we’ve also added Maxim.

Speaking of business…
Sponsored access to PressReader is now available through a whole new roster of business partners this month, including:

The story continues, so stay tuned for more exciting news next month!

A note about titles:
Some titles are not available in certain geographic regions or markets, due to licensing or legal restrictions beyond our control. It’s a bummer for us too but we hope you understand.