PressReader Out of Office: The Best of CES for News Nerds

We’re launching a new video series called PressReader Out of Office to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the best events and activities we’re involved in around the world. To kick it off, we took a camera along with us to CES 2016 in Las Vegas. We head there regularly to meet with key partners and keep our finger on the pulse of consumer tech. This time we also asked some of the heavy hitters to share their thoughts on the future of newspapers and magazines, and what changes lay ahead thanks to technology. Check out our vid above, and make sure to watch right to the end (it’s our favorite part)!

What was the funniest thing you saw?

@MikeTwining: We saw an amazing virtual reality (VR) gaming booth where two people were strapped and harnessed into this “running pad” contraption.  One of the players was so intense.  He was running on the spot at full speed, turning his head to all sides and shooting his gun as if he was in the movie Black Hawk Down.  The other guy was just moseying along at a leisurely pace, barely had his gun lifted to his shoulder…he looked like he was hunting butterflies, not on the front lines of WW3 haha!

@KristinEberth: Haha – that guy was hysterical. People have different levels of excitement about VR I guess… There was also a photo kiosk that let you take a selfie and print out a photo of you as a NASA astronaut. It was so awesome We totally were too cool for that.


What consumer technology are you most excited about with respect to PressReader?

@MikeTwining: I’m excited about how many opportunities exist out there for PressReader – they are truly endless.  Driverless cars with app integration, smart glass and LG’s display that can roll up like a newspaper…PressReader can be on all those platforms, and provide a user experience like nothing we’ve ever seen before…

@KristinEberth: Agreed. We already offer audio listening of the content on our platform, so the opportunities to integrate with a connected car are there. But when you take it a step further and imagine what else you can do once fully autonomous vehicles are a standard, it’s exciting to consider the possibilities. Once people can take their eyes off the road, reading content can become part of your commute as much as it’s already part of your experience when on an airplane, in a train, on a cruise ship, etc. And every year the opportunities to add rich content and offer a better user experience are multiplied, as our devices continue to improve both in quality and user interface.


What’s the coolest thing you saw?

@MikeTwining: Smart Glass…Minority Report reborn!
@KristinEberth: They had a giant touchscreen that acted as a piece of transparent glass or a mirror too. And you could interact with content on it, throw on a movie, read the news, change the wallpaper – it was pretty awesome. Glass technology is exciting because it has so many applications for both consumers (roll-up screens, multi-purpose glass in your home, and so on) and businesses (retail and public spaces with interactive screens, windows and mirrors).


What surprised you the most?

@MikeTwining: How many friggin’ people there were. I think over 170K tech-enthusiasts travel to this show.  It’s crazy!
@KristinEberth: Yeah, the crowds were insane. And some of the marketing activation big brands were doing – their booths (if you can call them that) were almost like works of art. LG and Audi were two of my favorites.


Who were you most surprised to see at CES?

@MikeTwining: Scotty Pippen. He was tall.  And Skrillex. He was short.
@KristinEberth: Did we see Skrillex? That’s up for debate. It may have been a lookalike.


Who’s the coolest person you met at CES?

@MikeTwining: Jon from a rad company called SubPac. I went to their demo suite at Planet Hollywood and tried their product. Check it out, it’s revolutionizing the music and gaming world.
@KristinEberth: I’m gonna go with Damiano the Venetian Gondolier. He did some amazing impromptu singing for us, which you can see in our CES video. 🙂


What’s your must-have gadget from CES?

@MikeTwining: Samsung’s modular TV. Taking Netflix and Chill to a whole new level.
@KristinEberth: Personally I was pretty excited about the Samsung fridge with the touchscreen. Samsung and Chill. I really wanted to check out the new Oculus Rift too, but the line was long and we had a packed agenda. I keep hearing it was fantastic.


Meet the team!

@KristinEberth is Head of Global B2B Marketing at PressReader. Kristin is obsessed with fashion, science, politics & technology. She loves AbFab and NASA in equal measure.
@MikeTwining is OEM Marketing Manager at PressReader. Mike loves making music and hanging out with his dog, Juno.