Good news! Curl up over the holidays with your favorite PressReader titles on the latest Apple devices. The new app has been optimized for the rich display of the iPad Pro, and iOS 9.

We’re also thrilled to present you with something special for the season. Our favorite new feature will allow you to select a title and start reading the first few pages immediately while the rest of your magazine or newspaper loads in the background. Explore our ever-increasing catalog quickly and easily – there are 5,000 titles to choose from!

If you’ve used PressReader for some time already, you will notice that we’ve made some changes to the interface in order to accommodate this feature:Click mapping

  1. Tap on the name of the title if you’re looking for previous issues of this title, or available supplements.
  2. Tap on the download arrow to order the issue and initiate the download while you continue to browse the catalog.
  3. Tap on the cover itself if you’d like to immediately start reading a publication while it loads in the background.

If you give or receive the new iPad Pro, you’ll love the huge screen displaying original magazine formats at almost the original size. Zoom in on every gorgeous detail in high resolution.  If you prefer to catch up on news, you’ll also have a much better view of the original broadsheet layout.

Aquarius magazine on the iPad Pro

It’s going to be a busy time for many of us traveling to visit family over the next few weeks. We have a new feature for that too! Now you can listen to stories using your own text-to-speech engine, with full Bluetooth support. This really comes in handy on long road trips.

We’d love to hear what you think! Visit our forums or leave a review with your comments.

Happy reading!
The PressReader Team