The release of PressReader's native Windows 10 app

Windows 10 readers, we’ve heard you! Today we’ve released the newest PressReader app, native to Windows 10. (The previous Windows 8 version is still available for those who haven’t upgraded.)

What do you get in this update? Well, we’ve spent time on the launch speed of the app, and the stability of background download requests. There are also several new features, like the upgrade we’ve made to download notifications. You’ll have more information about an issue and a thumbnail cover image when your favorite and automatically downloaded titles become available. Or how about this? If you’d like to resize the app window, the PressReader layout will dynamically adjust to the new size. And all of your app settings are now held in the same place, so that you don’t need to play with the device settings to get PressReader customized just the way you like it. (Find links to all of our apps here.)

We’d love to hear what you think! Leave a note in our online forums or a review with your comments.

Happy reading!
The PressReader Team