The Wait is Over: Windows 10 Has Arrived!

Today marks the much-awaited (4 years!) release of Windows 10. For those living through the Windows 8 nightmare this is a dream come true. Some of the new features include:

  • Return of the Start Menu
  • Cortana – Windows 10 desktop and mobile personal assistant
  • Universal Apps instead of segregated desktop, tablet and phone apps
  • Microsoft Edge – the Internet Explorer replacement
  • Multiple desktops and work spaces
  • Improved multitasking and new interactions
  • Continuum – allows frictionless switching between the desktop and tablet

Windows 7 and 8 users are eligible for a free upgrade within the first year.

All of us at PressReader are very excited about Windows 10 because it brings us closer to having a single design for all our products and one universal user experience regardless of platform or device. and all branded apps have been tested with Windows 10 and are ready to rock on the new platform.

Windows10 PressReader

For publishers using PressReader Technology for their digital editions, we are in the process of optimizing our existing PressReader Windows UI/UX design for the new release, which will bring all our Windows apps up to the same high standards as our iOS apps.

Stay tuned for our announcement of that launch, coming soon.

The Windows 10 roll out is underway around the world, but with bandwidth requirements of over 40 Tbps, it’s putting a serious strain on content delivery systems. You may need to practice a little patience to get it today, but hey, you’ve waited four years already; another few hours shouldn’t hurt too much. 🙂