News Flash! PressReader Never Used Flash

When the iPad was launched in 2010, the world was somewhat shocked and appalled about Steve Jobs’ “Flash Attack”, banning Adobe’s popular multi-media player from the iPad, claiming it was buggy and insecure.  It took five years for the rest of the world to share Jobs’ sentiments, but there’s no denying it now – Flash is about to fizzle out

Google plans to block auto-playing Flash videos and Firefox is killing Flash by default in its browser.

And while Flash is not dead yet, the ripple effects of its pending demise are keeping many publishers awake at night, wondering how they will serve their readers when the underlying publishing technologies they use are Flash-based.

Many of these solutions are moving to HTML5, which is great.  But that doesn’t solve the problem for the millions of readers who still use older browsers that don’t support HTML5.  How can publishers retain those readers when Flash hits its end-of-life date?

Thankfully for our publishing partners, PressReader has never used Flash in any of our publishing solutions.  We support both HTML4 and HTML5 so we can give readers an engaging and secure user experience on whatever device or browser they choose to use.
PressReader Loves HTML

So if you’re not yet part of the PressReader family of publishers and are wondering how to transition your publications to a TRULY cross-platform/cross-browser solution that’s not a Flash in the Pan, let’s talk.