The Insider: Luxury Living with L'Appart

The Insider is back, and in this issue we’re delving into the finer things in life! To talk all things luxury and give their insight into living extravagantly, we turned to one of the world’s premier luxury lifestyle magazines, L’Appart.

Knowledgeable of everything from extraordinary properties to talented Michelin Star chefs, L’Appart seeks to bring an eclectic view of luxury to the world. The Insider sat down with L’Appart’s Director of Publishing, Julien Madonna, and is here to bring you his view of the world’s most elite names.


WATCHESWhile they’re designed for planning the future, the true value of a watch is rooted in its history. Abraham-Louis Breguet constantly sought to improve the accuracy and reliability of his watches through numerous inventions. Born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 1747, Abraham-Louis Breguet spent most of his eventful life in Paris, where he began crafting some of the world’s finest timepieces. Working in all the fields of watchmaking simultaneously, Breguet began his career with a series of masterstrokes: he introduced the self-winding or “perpetual” watch, invented the gong-spring for repeating watches, and then created the pare-chute, the first shock protection device. Much appreciated by King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette, Breguet watches have original movements and lever or ruby-cylinder escapements that are constantly being improved.

This same spirit of invention motivates the engineers and master-watchmakers of Breguet today. The Classique Chronométrie 7727, packed with new discoveries and technological innovations, is a prime example of achievement, incorporating several years of research into high-frequency magnetism and new materials.


Nothing can compare to the roar of  an Italian crafted vehicle under your control. The year’s most important motor show opened in Seoul, capital of South Korea, where Maserati displayed its current range and offered a glimpse into the future. The star of show, and a new local product, is the Maserati Quattroporte. Equipped with a 350 HP V6 Twin Turbo engine, this stunning vehicle was specifically developed for the Korean market. The future – in stylistic terms and cynosure of all eyes – was the Korean premiere appearance of the Maserati’s latest concept car, the Alfieri. Winning the “Concept Car of the Year 2014” award, many eagerly await the day they can take the driver’s seat.


GASTRONOMYFollowing instructions to the letter and a sound knowledge of the culinary arts is not what makes a great chef, it is a deeply embedded passion for the art that does. Arnaud Lallement always wanted to be a chef. From his earliest age, Arnaud watched his father, Jean-Pierre, passionately toil over the stoves in the family’s Châlons-sur-Vesle restaurant. It was he who handed down to the young Arnaud all of his passion and skill, and who would guide his career. At 18, with a Diploma from the Strasbourg Hotel & Catering College in his pocket, Arnaud went off to learn his trade alongside the great names in French cuisine, like Roger Vergé, Chef of the legendary Moulin de Mougins, Michel Guérard, one of the longest-standing 3-star chefs in France, and Alain Chapel, famous for his establishment in Mionnay.



PALACERising from a small village dusted by the sands of Arabia to a world-class city basking in opulence in just a few decades, Dubai has become a living paradise. The Burj Al Arab, considered the world’s most luxurious hotel, is this greatness incarnate. With a towering height of 321 meters and a design anchored in Arab history, its shape modeled after the “boutre” (a traditional Arabian coasting boat), the Burj Al Arab is a monument to the power and affluence of Dubai.

The contemporary and futuristic realization of the Burj Al Arab is above all an important technical achievement. Built on land reclaimed from the sea, it lies just 280 meters from the coast. The hotel’s 28 floors of refined luxury include a heliport, a panoramic restaurant, an underwater restaurant, 220 duplex suites, a spa, and other lavish amenities. The structure was built with materials from all over the world, including 30 different kinds of marble. The two royal suites, both on the 25th floor, have their own screening room, a private elevator, a meeting room, an immense dressing room, and a revolving bed. The summit of contemporary luxury represented by the Burj Al Arab makes even the most seasoned jet setters turn their heads.

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