INMA Feature: In the era of frenemies, can media leaders re-define their relationship with Apple?

Big media players like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook can afford to remain competitive with each other, which means they hold the power to dictate the future of news media as we know it.

It’s time for the leaders in our industry to work together, be bold, and fight for the future of news — not just for themselves, but for the small, House of cardsniche, and local publishers that can’t afford the table stakes to get into the game.

We are entering the dawn of a new era for news. It’s time for publishers to use their exceptional capabilities and establish new relevant ones to create the future of news.

The buzz around Apple killing its Newsstand in favor of Apple News may be waning, but its residual effects on the publishing industry could have some serious implications if publishers don’t start reading between the headlines.  Read more…