Weekly Hot Topics – July 2 2015

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This week…

Alexis-TsiprasGreece became the first country to ever default on an IMF loan earlier this week following a breakdown in negotiations with Eurozone lenders. The long road of economic troubles for Greece has divided the country over an upcoming referendum over a new deal offered by European lenders scheduled for this Sunday. Premier Tsipras has called on Greeks to vote no in hopes of getting a better deal.


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TunisiaA serene vacation spot, popular among Britons and Germans, on the Tunisian coast erupted in terror this past Sunday. Armed terrorists ripped through a hotel beach in city of Sousse killing 38 tourists. The Tunisian government announced that it is currently holding eight individuals in relation to this attack.




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TrumpRepublican presidential candidate and infamous businessman, Donald Trump, is in hot water over his comments about Latino immigrants. Saying that a protective wall should be built on the United States’ southern border to keep illegal immegrants who are “bringing drugs” and are “rapists” out of the country. The guillotine fell swiftly on Trump with corporate partners from NBC to Macy’s cutting their relationships with his brand.


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