It’s Not Too Late to Stop the Insanity

INMA’s Digital Insider blog digs deep into what’s hot, what’s not and what’s about to erupt or disrupt the evolving digital media landscape. The most recent two-part article published by our chief content officer, Nikolay Malyarov, takes a provocative look at the strategies being adopted by the publishing industry and questions whether this industry is the latest victim of Digital Darwinism – a phenomenon where society and technology evolve faster than an industry can adapt.

Part 1: Digital Disruption or Digital Destruction?
In the music and video industries, digital disruption of their markets resulted in a radical transformation when old business models no longer worked, causing the industry to lose 50-60% of its revenues. Is this the future of publishing?

Part 2: Facebook – Friend of Foe?
Just like publishers’ parade to paywalls, The New York Times’ decision to strike a deal with Facebook has many newspaper executives contemplating a similar engagement. The deal may look tempting, but is this just another one of the Black Widow of the Web’s famous “bait and switch” scenarios?

It’s not too late to stop the insanity. Let’s talk about working together as an industry, stop fighting the old and start focusing on building the new.