Hold on tight, Tapjoy and PressReader are about to shake up the publishing industry by giving Gen Y readers exactly what they want – content that doesn’t cost them a penny!

For the first time in decades, readers, not publishers, are calling the shots on how and where they access content, and that’s not going to change. They need and want news, spend $5,000 a year on tech media, but won’t pay a penny to pass through a paywall.

Are they mad?

No, they are millennials – expected to control $1.4 trillion in spending power by 2020. So how do publishers learn to “speak Gen Y” and deliver millennials the content they want, but won’t pay for it?

Through a groundbreaking partnership between PressReader and Tapjoy, that’s how!

So, what’s in it for publishers? Tapjoy’s cutting-edge interactive advertising model will change the way news content is monetized. Through Tapjoy, advertisers can finally offer the hyper-connected Gen Y consumers something they value – premium content – in exchange for engaging with an ad. But not any kind of boring banner ad, no. It’s smart, targeted advertising that cuts through the clutter and works almost like virtual currency, designed to keep readers coming back for more.

“This is really a story about a shift in how publishers can monetize their news content, keeping readers deeply engaged in their publications while still making money. Publishers get paid to integrate Tapjoy’s interactive ads into their digital properties, consumers earn points to redeem for content they want, and advertisers get one-of-a-kind exposure to a growing digital audience. It’s a win-win-win,” said Robert Barnett, head of strategic partnerships at Tapjoy.

To kick start this new partnership, Tapjoy joined PressReader at the INMA World Congress in New York, one of the largest global news media conferences, where they were all-the-buzz among many of the large publishing groups. Look out for their sophomore debut at the WAN-IFRA World News Media Congress in Washington, DC next week.

“At PressReader we’re all about innovation. It’s why we love working with like-minded companies like Tapjoy who can provide our publishing partners the best in innovative technology to help them succeed in the digital space. They are the first of their kind to introduce this type of interactive advertising to the publishing industry, and we’re thrilled to be working together.  From finding new audiences to finding new ways to monetize those audiences, PressReader, together with its partners, is changing the industry,” said Nikolay Malyarov, chief content officer at PressReader.

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