We’ve joined the Mile High Club! PressReader is now available whenever you fly with Qantas

We’re thrilled to announce that this week PressReader and Qantas are rolling out a major new partnership that will totally transform your travel experience. Every time they fly with Qantas, passengers will now have unlimited access to the world’s largest digital collection of newspapers and magazines on PressReader.

This marks our biggest foray yet into the airline space. When we started working with businesses to provide complimentary access to PressReader for their customers, thousands of hotels around the world rapidly signed on. Major cruise lines and airline lounges followed next, and we even entered the ground transportation segment this month by rolling out a partnership with Uber! We know that readers want to be able to get their favorite content anywhere and everywhere, and we’re now proud to extend PressReader access to airline passengers too.

“We’re experiencing tremendous growth,” says Igor Smirnoff, our Chief Commercial Officer. “In recent months, we’ve added over 1,000 titles on the publishing side. More importantly, we’re opening new channels with countless new businesses that are rushing to work with us in a wide range of industries. PressReader is fast becoming a must have travel companion, so we hope Qantas customers enjoy using it.”

Qantas & PressReader

An unparalleled amenity
Now, instead of facing a limited selection of newspapers and filling their carry-on bags with a heavy haul of pre-purchased reading materials, all Qantas customers need to do is jump on PressReader up to 12 hours before their flight and select their favorite titles.

PressReader offers the most comprehensive collection of premium newspapers and magazines in the world: over 4,000 major titles from 100+ countries, in more than 60 languages. Travelers can download full versions of any publications they like to the smartphone or tablet of their choice. The downloads are theirs to keep afterward too, so it’s a great way to line up reading for not only a flight but for the vacation or business trip that follows. And if they’re on Qantas’ flight from Dallas to Sydney — the world’s longest flight on the world’s largest passenger aircraft — they’ll probably be happy to have access to the world’s largest collection of newspapers and magazines!

Without a doubt, PressReader has something for everyone. Our catalog includes a huge selection of major international publications like The Los Angeles Times, The GuardianDallas Morning News, Shanghai Daily and Vogue. But we also offer an enormous amount of local and regional publications, like Shepparton News from rural Victoria and The Morning Bulletin from Central Queensland.

How to access
Up to 12 hours prior to their Qantas flight, travelers just need to simply open the Qantas app (available on iOS and Android) on the device of their choice, and tap ‘Newspapers and Magazines’ to begin.

Our technology
“Many people use flights as a way to catch up with their reading, so this new service opens up a huge library of titles for people to choose from before they take off,” says Olivia Wirth, Qantas Group Executive, Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs.

We’ve developed a system that allows businesses to provide sponsored access to all of the content on our platform either within in a physical space, or for a set period of time. Contact us to learn more.

Our story
From humble beginnings with a print-on-demand solution in 1999, PressReader has grown to become the world leader in the digital distribution of newspapers and magazines. A Canadian company that now boasts millions of users on our platform, we’ve also secured partnerships with major organizations around the world, including Qantas, Uber, Accor Hotels, Shangri-La, Trump, Seabourn Cruises, and thousands of other hotels, libraries, and cruise lines. We also work with publishers all over the world to distribute their content to an audience they simply can’t reach on their own.

Learn more
If you’d like to learn more about what cool things we can do for your business, get in touch! If you’re a publisher and you’re interested in working with us to distribute your content, drop us a note here.