Weekly Hot Topics – Feb 5th 2015

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This week…


At least 26 passengers were killed on TransAsia Flight GE235 as it crashed into a Tapei river after clipping a bridge. The pilots are being hailed as heroes for dodging residential buildings and aiming for the river to reduce casualties.

LabelOne opinion on this situation: Invest in rigorous pilot training. Support this opinion or add your own!



American novelist Harper Lee’s “Go Set a Watchman” is set to be published as a sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird” after her lawyer Tonja Carter discovered its manuscript from the 1950s.


One opinion on this story: An author’s first novel is not always his or her masterpiece. Support this opinion by clicking here or add your own!



The U.K’s House of Commons gave preliminary approval to allow scientists to create humans from the DNA of three people. If this bill is approved by the House of the Lords, it will make England the first country to allow genetic modifications on embryos.


An opinion on the story: Genetic modification should have boundaries. What is your opinion? Add your own or support this one now!


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