Catching the PressReader swell, Kiosko y Más rides the wave in Spain

WAN-IFRA published an article today about how Kiosko y Más has been the cushion for Spanish publishers as they leap into the digital world.  The business model is simple: solidarity, an alliance where everyone takes equal part in the business.

The article explains that “the publisher sets the limits, determining its own subscription prices and commercial and marketing strategies. Each one devises its own presence in the platform and decides which products to sell.”  For publishers, joining Kiosko y Más doesn’t cost a dime, and they guarantee state-of-the-art technology and good customer service.  Sounds like a win-win all around, for publishers and readers alike.

Spoiler alert!

Behind the veil, Kiosko y Más is powered by PressReader. The service is just one of the examples of how over 4,000 publishers around the world maximize PressReader’s technology, innovation and versatility. It’s as easy as that.

It’s true, PressReader has been on the forefront of publishing innovation for the past decade, pioneering the all-you-can read model and driving a world-leading content-discovery engine beyond the native apps and the Facebooks of the world.  Have you ever tried searching for content in the app store? — the real content, not just the app names.

Let’s take a dive down the PressReader rabbit hole and into what makes this platform a must-have solution for all publishers.

PressReader has two core solutions for publishers transitioning into the digital space, both of which allow them to focus on their core competency – content creation, letting technology experts do the heavy lifting.

Content Distribution Solution – giving readers all-access to the content they want from a growing list their favorite newspapers and magazines, on any device, online or off, with just one subscription.

PressReader is used by over 30 million consumers and reaches an additional 250 million people that have sponsored access to the platform at 15,000+ hotels, libraries, airports, cruise ships and cafes around the world.

It utilizes proprietary SmartFlow technology that monitors the reading behaviors of all 30 million PressReader users in real-time and uses that data to continually modify the newsfeed of stories that gets presented to new readers – content discovery curated by the crowd.

Content Publishing Solution – white-labelling its ever-evolving technology powered by HTML5, PressReader transforms flat, PDF-like digital replicas into an immersive reading experience that attracts and retains the interest of today’s growing population of “digital natives” (using the same SmartFlow) without alienating traditional news readers who are comfortable with or prefer the layout of a print publication

PressReader has helped publishers like the ones who are riding the wave as part of Kiosko y Más grow audience and revenue for over 15 years, going from legacy to legendary, one publisher at a time.

Want to learn more and get additional insights into the evolution of this great industry and on the many benefits of partnering with PressReader?  Contact a member of our knowledgeable and friendly Content team today.