Leisure travelers are devouring digital content more than ever before

Over the course of our expansion into the travel sector, we’ve become acquainted with the habits of travelers when it comes to staying connected to news while on the go. Unsurprisingly, business travelers continue to read their favourite newspaper and magazine content as much as (if not more than) they do at home. But what about leisure travelers?

What we’ve found may surprise you: the most recent statistics show that modern travelers aren’t interested in going offline, but instead want to maintain access to their favourite digital content while vacationing.

There’s never been an easier time to pack up your life and take it with you on your travels, and the type of holiday where you lie unplugged on the beach in complete silence is a thing of the past. In the world of leisure travel, we’ve found evidence of an ever-growing desire to remain plugged-in, even while on vacation.

‘Staying connected’ is the new ‘unplugging’

For avid newspaper and magazine readers, having a chance to relax with their favourite publication while on vacation — without being rushed for time — is sheer indulgence.

Most readers don’t think of reading the newspaper as a chore, but rather a treat: leisure travelers who took part in one study said they see reading newspapers as a way to unwind, relax, and pamper themselves with some ‘me’ time. 77% of travelers say that reading the news while on vacation helps them remain aware of what’s going on and helps to mitigate an undesirable sense of ‘disconnectedness’ from their lives back home. The study also revealed that both leisure and business travelers crave access to quality news while traveling, and 1 in 2 travelers actually tune-in more while traveling than they do while at home.

More than 80% of all travelers read a newspaper or magazine to familiarize themselves with local topics of discussion in their chosen destination as they travel. And 33% of Americans tune in for their news consistently throughout the day across a variety of mediums, which means a huge percentage of your guests probably want to continue doing so while traveling.

Is it still fair to use relaxation and disconnection synonymously?

Millennials are the most frequent leisure travelers

Millennials are young adults between about 18 and 30 years old. Their habits and priorities are sparking disruptive changes across most every industry, including travel. Millennial travelers are naturally early adopters of technology because they’ve grown up in a world where technological advances were integrated seamlessly into their lives.

More than any generation before them, millennials accept technology as a natural part of their everyday lives. As a result, they don’t feel the urge to disconnect, and actually have the tendency to feel stress or loss when they do.

Interestingly, American and Canadian millennial travelers also go on leisure vacations far more frequently than any other age group (an average of 7.8 leisure trips per year.) Given these figures, it’s clear that a major shift in traveler demographics is taking place, and these changes will only become more pronounced over coming years. Luxury and budget operators alike need to stay on top of this demographic’s unique needs and habits.

Digital content is a no-brainer for travelers

It probably comes as no surprise that millennials and younger generations prefer to consume their media digitally. But what about older travelers?

Turns out, they’re some of our most avid users. PressReader has pioneered and perfected the full-replica reading experience, so even readers who like get a good, old-fashioned newspaper can enjoy a traditional newspaper, but embedded with all the functionality of a cutting-edge, digital reading experience.

As for magazines, we display those in all their full-replica glory, too. And best of all, PressReader now offers a whopping 1,000+ magazine titles alone. Gone are the days of lugging around a suitcase full of  beach reading — all travelers need to bring now is a tablet, laptop or smartphone.

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