Weekly Hot Topics – Jan 15th 2015

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This week…

Oil Barrels with Red Arrow isolated on white background. 3D renderDEVELOPING

Oil prices take a further plunge as currencies around the world brace for devaluation.

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Three million copies of Charlie Hebdo’s first issue since the terror attacks in Paris sold out within minutes, and it has the international community demanding more.


One opinion on this story: Words are more effective than guns. Support now or add your own!



The Seattle Seahawks will face the Green Bay Packers this Sunday night on CenturyLink Field in Seattle for the NFC Championship title.


One opinion of the big day:  Home field advantage makes a big difference. Does Seattle have the advantage? Do you defend this opinion? Support it here!



The movie industry and fans respond to the Oscar Nominations revealed this morning for the 87th Academy Awards, set to air on Feb 22nd and hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.



LabelAn opinion on the announcement: Where’s Lego in this year’s Oscar nominations? Does Lego deserve Best Animated Feature? Support the opinion here.


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