Flaws with Apple’s Recent 14 Day No-Questions-Asked Return Policy in the EU

A week ago, Apple introduced 14-day no-questions-asked refunds in the EU for iTunes Store and App Store content, meaning that any Apple customer in Europe can get their money back for app purchases in 5-7 days time.

But wait, there is a serious glitch in the system.

It seems, for now anyway, that when Apple issues a refund for your purchase, the app will continue to work as long the app is already downloaded to your device – The file never gets deleted and never stops working. So essentially, you get the app for free…forever.

For publishers, this move by Apple poses a huge problem.  Under Apple’s new policy if someone buys an issue of your publication and returns it within 14 days, they will receive a full refund for it whether they’ve read it or not.  Not only that, they will continue to have access to it for free.

Although Apple is slow to admit to potential errors in implementation, they do end up making quiet changes to flaws such as these.  While Apple figures out a way around this issue, our Solutions Advisors are working hard to create strict policies and procedures to ensure this doesn’t affect you.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress as we move forward with a solution.

Have a great weekend!