Change in European Union VAT Rules

EU VATBeginning January 1st 2015, EU publishers will be required to pay VAT based on the specific EU country in which their customer resides. If you have readers in each of the 28 EU countries, you will need to register for VAT in each of the 28 EU countries, file VAT returns in each of these 28 countries and charge local VAT with different rates in each of the 28 countries.

For our branded digital edition solutions, all of our finance reports have been updated to facilitate the tax remittance process.

Note that Apple App Store prices will also change to reflect appropriate VAT rates. Customers will pay fees based on their country of residence rather than other EU locales with lower taxes. The updated price matrix is now available in the app’s Pricing section on your iTunes Connect account.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this change further, please reach out to your solutions advisor.