PressReader’s New HotSpot Map Connects Millions of Users to Your Content

We’re thrilled to introduce our new PressReader HotSpot Map! This is not just any new feature — it has the power to add an extraordinary amount of value to our global business partners, and exponentially grow your audience and revenue.

Here’s why:

PressReader is a strong advocate of paid content. We pioneered the all-you-can-read subscription model for newspapers and magazines, which allows you to grow your audience while monetizing your digital content across platforms. We successfully introduced this before other platforms like Netflix and Spotify started doing the same for films and music.


With the launch of the PressReader HotSpot Map, we’re now taking paid digital distribution one step further by promoting sponsored access to PressReader at thousands of HotSpot locations around the world, including cafés, boutique hotels, luxury resorts, public and academic libraries, airport lounges, government organizations, retail locations, businesses, and everything in between. It doesn’t stop there. With the launch of our HotSpot map, we’re now helping millions of new readers worldwide discover PressReader and content such as yours through businesses and institutions offering it as part of their membership or amenity/client services programs. Once readers connect to the HotSpot, they’re able to read and download the content they love from a catalog of over 3,000 publications, and once your publication is selected, you get the revenue you deserve. It’s that simple!

We’re committed to helping you think beyond your existing content borders to grow your audience and your overall digital distribution reach, and the HotSpot Map is just another way we can do so.

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