Agree or Disagree? Influencing opinions & starting engaging discussions

Do you have an opinion? We want to help you build a community of like-minded readers who share your unique perspective!

Introducing, Opinions. This month, PressReader has launched this prototype feature, reshaping the world of social networking. The idea is allowing readers to take a stand on issues that matter to them and build their opinion, by uniting fellow supporters and backing their viewpoint with articles supporting their stance.

We have gathered tips and tricks on how to post a comment, what an opinion is, how to post one and how to gain support for your opinion. Let the discussion begin and don’t forget to let us know what YOU think!

How can I post a comment?




Posting a comment is easy – and can be done in more ways than one. When viewing an article, you can click the arrow icon on the top right corner (pictured above) which opens a menu allowing you to post a comment on that article. By scrolling to the end of your article, you can also click the ‘Add Comment’ box and begin writing away.



What is an opinion?

An opinion is a view-point; a brief statement that can unite like minded people. Opinions give you the opportunity for your voice to be heard across multiple articles by other readers who support your opinion. Once an opinion is created, it can be added to other articles that support your given viewpoint. Although individual comments may express opinion through tone and arguments, attaching opinions to your comment allows others to see where you stand on a particular issue.  Opinions can be short or long, but above all, sincere. This will drive like-minded readers to engage with you in future discussions as well as support your opinions. Own your opinion – make it your trademark!

How can I post an opinion?

Posting an opinion is currently tied with posting comments. When writing a comment, an opinion box will appear below prompting you to ‘State your opinion’ (pictured below). As you begin to type your opinion, previously created opinions will appear. You have the choice to attach an already stated opinion or create a new one and lead people to support your unique viewpoint.


How can I gain more support for my opinion?

Within PressReader, you can use the search function to find keywords and subjects of interest, for which you may have strong opinions about. Adding keywords or subjects to ‘My Topics’ allows these topics to appear in your news feed. Frequently commenting on your topics will increase the likelihood of other users supporting or opposing your opinion and engaging in discussion. Opinions can also be shared via links to email and other social media sites. Your profile page displays the opinions you support, and clicking on them will bring you to that opinion’s page, where you can copy the URL and share. Check out this Ban Nuclear Power and Nuclear Energy is a valid option for examples!