Three Screen Compatibility in the Hospitality Industry

Consumers are reportedly bringing along an average of four devices when they travel, so hotels and travel retailers will have to consider that this type of multi-screen reliance means being accessible in a variety of ways.

The first step is the hotel or retailer’s website itself. While travel may be booked at home or from the office on a desktop computer, that computer probably won’t be coming along on the trip. That means the experience of confirming any travel information or reservations will take place on a different and presumably smaller screen. That experience needs to be as seamless and user-friendly as the original booking, which is why a number of hotel chains, airlines, and travel suppliers have developed apps for both smartphones and tablets.

These apps help travelers with everything from checking in at the airport and upgrading their seating preferences to requesting a later check out or ordering room service. More and more chains are offering entertainment options on guests’ own devices, letting them select what programs or movies to watch as they curl up for the evening. Daily newspapers are a common amenity in most hotel chains, but many hotels are making the eco-friendly and convenient switch to digital editions on their guests’ devices. Apps like PressReader also let guests read the newspaper from back home helping them to feel connected while they’re away.

In order to reach even the most general traveler, hospitality providers need to be prepared to accommodate a variety of devices. From in-room Wi-Fi that remembers guests from visit to visit to connectivity that happens the moment a guest enters the property, portability when traveling is a must, which means connectivity is essential, too.

With the entire span of the industry vying for their guests’ pleasant experience in order to earn brand loyalty, this level of attention to consumers’ multi-screen needs is important. It’s what will set a particular venue or chain apart from the competition and earn repeat business for the next trip.