Tradition Meets Innovation

There’s always a fine line to be walked when comparing tradition to innovation. In some ways, consumers embrace innovation as a time saving tool or a way of making life easier, but on the other hand, tradition is what drives consumers to make certain choices over others.

One area of the hospitality industry where innovation seems to be topping tradition is in magazine and newspaper services. Traditionally, hotels would deliver the printed newspaper room to room so guests can enjoy their morning read with in-room coffee while preparing for their busy day of touring or meetings. Until recently, many hotels still offer this room delivery service as an option but we now see hoteliers offering daily newspapers digitally through apps or websites so guests can access their latest issues instantly without even having to open the room door.

While there is some level of tradition associated with perusing certain magazine titles in their original paper format, especially image-heavy titles that offered unsurpassed photo essays, guests are finding that those photos are even more enjoyable in a digital edition, largely because publishers are no longer as restricted in the size and number of photographs they can provide. This innovation in digital publishing has translated into the ability to provide even more content to a once print-dedicated audience.

Distribution like the PressReader app are helping to ensure that guests enjoy the benefits and features common with digital newspapers and magazines while still preserving the quality and enjoyment that readers found with traditional print. By utilizing enhanced digital features, guests can navigate to their reading content easily; the app currently offers more than two thousand full titles from more than one hundred countries. Now, while guests are getting ready, they don’t need to fumble with the newsprint, but rather have an article read to them. Or, guests can now read the local daily newspaper in any foreign language by having local events or news translated for them.

While some die-hard traditionalists may still cling to the familiar experience of paper reading, digital apps are simply suited to lending themselves well to the reading experience – especially with a morning cup of coffee.

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