Wi-Fi and Newspaper Service Top Guest Pet Peeves

In our age of perpetual-connectivity, people find it hard to part with their smartphones and tablets. So naturally, when travelers book accommodations, they have an expectation for there to be complimentary or relatively inexpensive Wi-Fi at their hotel.

Hoteliers have in past voiced some concerns over offering Wi-Fi, as it represents a new set of operational costs for their properties. However, these costs have proven to be more than necessary as the availability of Wi-Fi is an increasingly important consideration for travelers deciding on accommodations.

Guests, on the other hand, demand Wi-Fi connections to be fast, easily accessible and reliable. This ranked as the number one pet peeve of travelers as according to a survey conducted by Frequent Business Traveler. Too often guests are connecting to unstable and pricey wireless connections.

The disconnect between the quality of Wi-Fi offered and the quality of Wi-Fi demanded gives rise to complaints and affects the guest experience considerably. As purely a matter of expectations management, it would be best for hotel properties to provide their guests with fast and reliable Wi-Fi to sharpen their competitive edge in an already hyper-competitive industry.

Something similar can be said about guest amenities as well. Business travelers in particular value a complimentary newspaper service, and may be annoyed with the lack of publication variety or that they are getting yesterday’s news, which became its own topic in recent article.

Thankfully, there are hotel technology solutions available to simultaneously remedy the issues of Wi-Fi cost and lack of newspaper variety. The custom messaging features for PressReader allows hoteliers to customize welcome and download messages, providing a revenue-generation opportunity by promoting spa offers or restaurant services. PressReader also provides access to over 2,500 same-day newspapers and magazines from around the world on guests’ personal devices, allowing them to read what they want, when they want. Addressing and handling guest pet peeves will allow hoteliers to improve their guest experience, drive repeat business’, and generate referrals.

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