Nikolay Malyarov sat down with Editor and Publisher Magazine to discuss PressReader’s vision

In an increasingly fragmented media landscape, readers are everywhere and publishers need to expand their platform support to maximize their exposure. In the article “Pressing On”, featured on Editor and Publisher, Nikolay Malyarov explains how PressReader’s rebrand benefits publishers and increases monetization opportunities.

As the media industry changes, publishers aren’t the only ones who have had to evolve. Known as NewspaperDirect since 1999, the multi-channel newspaper and magazine content distribution provider, rebranded itself last year to PressReader to align its portfolio of digital content solutions with its vision of connecting people through news. In addition to its new name, the company also launched a new website at            

Malyarov said as much as the rebranding was done for publishers, it was also done for the “news lovers.”            

“We’re delivering an individual-centric product (for them),” he said. “It’s a new way of reaching and engaging readers…we’re addressing the shift seen in readers’ habits by making it more personalized.”

Read the full article: Pressing On

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