Shangri-La and Kerry Hotel and Resorts Offer Eco-Friendly PressReader Access

Shangri-La and Kerry Hotels and Resorts now offer guests an eco-friendly way to get their favourite newspapers and magazines. PressReader will be available in all Wi-Fi accessible areas in Shangri-La and Kerry hotels and resorts as well as in Wi-Fi enabled hotel cars. (If you find yourself without a chauffeur, just turn on the text to speech feature.)

To access the service, guests connect to the hotel Wi-Fi and go to, or download the free PressReader app for Apple, Android, BlackBerry or Windows. Once there, you can narrow the selection by country and language, or search for a specific publication. After the title has been downloaded, you can disconnect from Wi-Fi and take your reading material wherever you like. Shangri-La and Kerry hotels and resorts have over 95 stunning locations.

Shangri-La  and Kerry Hotels and Resorts are the latest hospitality group to partner with PressReader. We also work with 15,000 libraries, airlines, airport lounges and cruise ships from around the world.