Reaching the hard-to-reach – an exclusive interview with Nikolay Malyarov

Are you looking for ways to reach the hard-to-reach? Want to expose your content to millions of new readers? Read this exclusive interview with our own Nikolay Malyarov on “Reaching the hard-to-reach” published in this month’s InPublishing magazine (March/April)! And here’s a sneak peek:

The world is full of potential readers, but how do you reach them? PressReader offers an exciting additional route to market which can place your branded content in front of many millions of new readers, and it costs you nothing. Nikolay Malyarov tells James Evelegh why the service is such a win-win proposition.

How do you make money from and get seen by people who are not your subscribers? This is one of the great challenges facing publishers today. You publish great content which you just know would be of interest to loads of non-subscribers, but how do you find them and how do they find you? Potential readers are everywhere, and … you’re not.

Well, there is a way and it won’t cost you a penny, will make you money and you don’t have to change or alter your existing digital strategy; namely, put your title on PressReader, the global all-you-can-read subscription service which does for press what Spotify does for music and Netflix does for movies. PressReader disseminates your brand and content to huge new audiences. To date, PressReader has over 30m users, and that figure is growing all the time; a large proportion of them are in high-value, hard-to-reach verticals where PressReader has a long and well-established presence, such as hotels, libraries, academic institutions, airlines, cruise ships and corporate offices… 

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