Library Resources to Beat End of School Year Stress

The end of another university and college year is fast approaching for many students across the globe and in just a few weeks, students will be rushing to their local and campus libraries to prepare for exams and final papers or projects. This can be a particularly hectic and stressful time for students and so it is important that libraries maintain a comfortable and productive atmosphere for all to enjoy and provide assistance for research support. Sometimes, the demands can be a little overwhelming.

Libraries that offer a wide selection of useful content and resources such as PressReader, which provides access to thousands of newspapers and magazines, can be particularly useful at this time. For research purposes, librarians can direct students to easily find facts through thousands of trusted titles by searching across titles, and print or email them, saving researching students valuable time. For recreational reading in between study sessions, students can download to read popular magazines and even take home.

Additionally, by this time of the year, many students will have been away from home for a number of months. Keeping up-to-date with their hometown news may help students alleviate their stress and help them maintain a positive approach to end of the school year.

There are plenty of resources available for libraries to fill the needs of students or other library patrons. It’s a matter of libraries offering content services to meet the wide variety of needs of each library and their patrons.

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