Build your own news feed with the content you love

We’ve launched a new feature on that you’re sure to love! Now you can add your favorite sections of specific publications to your news feed. It’s like building your own custom newspaper or magazine with the content you want most.

Adding sections is available to all registered users. Not registered with PressReader? Sign up. It’s free!

You can add publications’ sections to your news feed in three different ways. From Page View or in SmartFlow, simply click the + symbol for the section in the publication’s Table of Contents. The third way is just as easy. Just click on ‘Add Section’ in the center Home drop-down menu and choose the publication and the section you’d like to add. The last method even shows you when the section runs; for example, Monday-Friday or a specific day of the week. Check out the short how-to video below and follow along.

Happy Reading!
The PressReader Team