Hockey (Russia vs USA) Ignites Controversy

Hockey Controversy: Russia played USA on Saturday and the game was close. USA won 3-2. The Russians are claiming that one of their goals was unfairly eliminated, and that the goal posts were jostled from their moorings after the goal. The call was made by an American referee, adding to the ongoing questions around officials and their allegiances in these games. Read that story from USA today, click here.

Volunteers at Sochi: The average age of volunteers at the 2012 Olympics was 44 and in 2010 it was 45, but in Sochi volunteers are much younger, just 23. If they have travelled to Sochi, these volunteers receive food, board and enjoy the warm weather, but local volunteers are less enthused. Discover why, in the full story from The Guardian.

Need ice? Use salt! Heat in Sochi has made for slushy snow and slow event times, prompting athletes to call many tracks deadly and extremely dangerous. Women’s downhill saw 7 of the first 9 athletes crash on the course. Although home-owners use salt to melt snow and ice, the professional grade will melt the snow and allow the water to refreeze into a much harder, slicker surface. Read about the Russian race for salt over the weekend on The Indian Express.

Finally, here are our press clips from Day 11 of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.