Norway Breaks Records with Medal Wins

Norway is now leading the medal standings with four gold medals and eleven overall. The country won double gold in the cross-country freestyle sprints, marking the hundredth gold medal that Norway has achieved in Olympic cross-country. (Austria is the only other country to win one hundred medals in a specific sport, alpine skiing.) Norway is now the most decorated country in the history of the Winter Games. Read the full story here.

It’s what the Olympics are all about: In that record-breaking men’s cross-country freestyle sprints, a Russian skier crashed and broke a ski, falling far behind the rest of the field. Valiantly continuing the race, he fell three times before the ski broke completely. Canadian ski coach Justin Wadsworth ran on to the course with a replacement and helped Anton Gafarov get back into the race. He crossed the finish line as fans cheered him on. Click here for the full article from the London Free Press.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot: Weather was a top concern today as the temperatures climb in Sochi and events move outdoors. No snow has fallen since the Olympics opened but organizers are banking on 10 reserves held in the mountains, channels set up from the highest peaks to direct a small avalanche and 400 snow cannons to fill in any gaps. Read about the preparations Sochi organizers have made in the event there is no snow on The Daily Mail.

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