Run Up to the Olympic Winter Games

The first day of the Olympic Winter Games were marked by a decided change of tone in press coverage. The run up to these games has been rife with concerns around security, physical infrastructure and human rights. These issues are ongoing, but today we saw the emergence of more positive stories. Japan’s Prime Minister accepted the invitation to attend and arrived in Sochi today to meet with the Russian President, as did leaders from China and Greece. Journalists spent time getting to know the city and appreciating its reputation as the “Russian Riviera”. Many publications recalled the controversial stories that have surrounded other Games. Increasingly, sources are devoting column space to the hometown favorites who have worked for the last four years to get here. The optimism of the Games and sheer will of the athletes arriving now are irresistible. We have pulled a sampling of the stories from day one of the Olympics from our publication partners below.

Click here for press clippings from the first day of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Also on our Olympics press coverage radar this week was the torch relay from Greece to Russia. Although Sochi is, relatively speaking, not far from Olympia, this has been the longest route ever taken by the Olympic flame in the history of the games. This trip included stops at the North Pole and the International Space Station, a plunge in the world’s deepest lake and a trip to the peak of Europe’s highest mountain. Unsurprisingly, there have been some truly beautiful shots captured of its passage recorded by the Sochi 2014 account on Flickr.

Click here for a story about the torch relay from Mid Day or here from the Guardian.

Are you in Sochi this year or enjoying them at home? Share your stories with us.