Consumer Electronics Show: Key Tech Trends in 2014

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a major technology trade show, is almost like a glimpse of what the world will be. For decades, CES has served as the showground for the year’s big trends and upcoming innovations in the technology sector. Out of the thousands of products that are being showcased, here are some of the key highlights for this year’s #CES2014:

Wearable Tech

Would you wear that? Google Glass was one of the most distinctive wearable tech in 2013. Similar gadgets like regular glasses, sunglasses and ski goggles that can display maps and restaurant reviews are also shown at the CES. It would be interesting to see if consumers will be reading digital magazines and newspapers via their glasses in the near future. Other than glasses, smart watches and connected clothing are also evolving categories. Would you consider getting a line of smart wardrobes in 2014? Tell us what you think about wearable technology.

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Smart TVs

Looks like TVs did not just double their pixels with ultra-high definition (UHD) but they are also curvier and smarter now too. Samsung released its first television with a bendable curved screen offering a more immersive experience to viewers. TVs is now another source for content for many people as consumers are more interested in Wi-Fi enabled TVs that can run apps. TV designs with the integration of media streaming services are expected to be a popular choice in 2014.

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Smartphones and Tablets

Thanks to the accelerated usage of internet, smartphones and tablets are expected to remain as the “dynamic duo”. Mobile and tablet devices will be smaller, thinner and more cost-effective. This new design will be a major game changer in the mobile marketplace contributing to the growth of Android and Windows 8 global market shares. A big push from Microsoft on hybrid tablet-laptop two-in-one devices is also anticipated in 2014.

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Smart Home Appliances

Ordinary home electronics are all getting a smart revamp. Smart light bulbs, stoves, coffee makers, dish-washers and other kitchen products can be controlled by mobile and tablet devices. Connected home appliances will make consumers’ lives easier and more efficient. Would you be excited to wake up and start the coffee maker from the bathroom while you brush your teeth?

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App Innovations

Apps will continue to be part of our everyday lives. App innovation is definitely in the spotlight at CES as developers rush to create apps for the new devices mentioned above. USA Today tells us that some of the most popular new apps are related to healthy living – apps to monitor what we eat, how many steps we take and how long we sleep!

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