Hotels Recognizing Guest Devices

The hospitality industry is constantly looking for ways to not only to improve the customer experience for both loyal and first-time guests, but also to ensure that they enjoy their experience enough to continually choose that brand in the future. Business travelers with pleasurable stays are more likely to book with the same hotel brand or chain when making family travel plans, and travelers who enjoy a flight, cruise, or accommodation are more likely to recommend the company via word of mouth.

One of the many new ways that hotels are working to garner repeat business is by making guests feel like they are part of an elite group of frequent travelers through providing extra amenities and perks like discounts, free stays,  complimentary full-course breakfast meals, and more.

With free WiFi becoming a hospitality industry standard, more and more hotel and motel chains are making their frequent guests feel like family by enabling instant WiFi access for their laptops, smartphones and tablets, which are remembered by the property’s wireless networks.

With the help of mobile internet access providers, hotel properties are able to recognize returning guests and enable instant WiFi connection for their devices, rather than requiring them to request and manually enter credentials such as passwords, room numbers, or even credit card information. This convenience, while maybe insignificant to some, reminds guests of their previous stays and customer experiences which can influence their purchasing decisions the next time they are booking travel accommodations.

Some properties are even finding creative ways to offer amenities to their guests via their WiFi networks, which services to remind guests that the hotel is truly “at their service.” Amenities like PressReader, an app that gives guests the ability to download digitally-enhanced versions of their favorite newspapers and magazines to their tablet or smartphone, are gaining popularity in the hospitality industry.

The Hotel Next Technology Generation is a non-profit study group that develops technology solutions for the hospitality industry. A project that its hotel industry experts are working on, in conjunction with internet service providers, is the capability for a hotel chain to recognize a traveler’s personal device at all its properties. By remembering guest device signatures from when they previously connected to WiFi at any property within the hotel chain, the hotel offers guests an extra convenience that will positively contribute to the guest experience.