Happy International Youth Day!

This year’s theme of the International Youth Day is Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward. The idea behind this UN initiated program is to increase the quality and quantity of opportunities available to young people for full, effective and constructive participation in society.

This day is particularly important to us at ND as youth and education have both been at the center of many of our projects and initiatives over the years.

PressDisplay.com and its application PressReader continue to be positioned as the #1 source of daily content in more than 8,000 libraries around the world! With thousands of newspapers and magazines now available on the platform, it is a great channel for publishers to engage with new readers, across generations and around the globe.

Here’s an example of how PressDisplay.com impacted a community in Greece: children at Livadia Library (Greece) took part in a graffiti art project, tagging library walls with PressDisplayWatch the video of how this library encouraged news reading in youth through this fun and creative activity.

Also, ND has worked with a number of publishers globally to develop their own privately branded Newspaper In Education SmartEdition sites and help them reach youth in their community. Here are some examples:

If you are interested in setting up a NIE SmartEdition site or want to learn more about the opportunities, please contact us at publishing@newspaperdirect.com.