Case Study: Library PressDisplay at a Model Canadian Library

Over the past several months, we had the pleasure of working with one of Canada’s most outstanding libraries, the Richmond Public Library.

Highly-rated for their award-winning staff, service and programs, the Richmond Public Library was an ideal choice for a case study on Library PressDisplay.

In this case study, we looked at how Library PressDisplay added to the public library’s services. What we found was definitely intriguing. To the library, Library PressDisplay is a cost-saving platform that allows them to expand their periodical collections to more than 2,000 newspapers and magazines for only the cost of 8 – 10 international subscriptions to individual publications. To library patrons, it connects them to the content they want, no matter where it’s from.

For this case study, we also ran PressReader for Libraries and it was a tremendous success. Patrons could finally download their favorite newspapers and magazines to their personal devices and take it with them for anytime, anywhere reading.

Read the full study here.

Key findings from the case study:

  • Some light advertising of Library PressDisplay resulted in a 175% increase in usage, year over year. 
  • 3,410 publications were read in 2008; 8,065 publications were read in 2011
  • Once patrons know about Library PressDisplay, they will use it and they will love it.

Case Study_Library PressDisplay at a Model Canadian Library