Letter From Our CEO

Dear Customers, Publishers and Partners,

As you are aware, for the past 48 hours the NewspaperDirect network has been experiencing some performance and stability issues.  I am sincerely sorry that this situation has had a negative impact on our services, and wanted to share with you what transpired and what we are doing to ensure it does not happen again.

Thanks to the trust you have in our technology and products, the company has been experiencing rapid global growth and needed to upgrade its hardware to accommodate ever-increasing content and traffic demands.  These kinds of upgrades have been performed numerous times in the past without incident.  However this week, when we attempted to move our multiple databases to new hardware, unexpected problems occurred, causing a one-hour outage on Monday and intermittent slower performance.

To be completely honest with you not all issues have been 100% resolved and so during peak hours performance may be slower than usual for a short while.  But we are working around the clock to complete the upgrade and are confident that the network will be performing at high (actually, higher) levels within the next 2 days.

The new technology platform we have deployed will provide a much more scalable, robust and redundant infrastructure for all of our systems going forward.

To minimize the extent of effects which such system upgrades may have in the future, even if we don’t anticipate any noticeable impact, I am putting into place the following additional procedures:

  1. All future upgrades will be only performed during historically lower usage times, and
  2. To ensure we are transparent with all our customers, publishers and partners, we are initiating additional communication protocols that will alert you in advance about these kinds of upgrades and changes in the future.

Again, let me sincerely apologize for any problems this disruption to our services may have caused you.  And I thank you very much for your patience, support and understanding.


Alex Kroogman, CEO/CTO
NewspaperDirect Inc.