PressReader at the Richmond Public Library

Recently, Director of Library Sales & Distribution Mark Ritchie and Market Development Manager Darcy Sara had the chance to stop by the Richmond Public Library to see firsthand how a model library might implement PressReader – a companion service to Library PressDisplay soon to be available in libraries everywhere.

They were both impressed by how well and extensively the staff had marketed PressReader, a product which enables patrons to download full-content, digitally enhanced replicas newspapers and magazines replicas to their smartphones and tablets for free when connected to the library’s Wi-Fi.

Prior to the launch of PressReader at the Richmond Public Library, Mark and Darcy delivered a presentation to a boardroom full of librarians and library staff on the benefits PressReader brings to libraries. To work, PressReader only requires authentication of your library’s IP address. Once authenticated, your patrons will need to download PressReader from or their app store, and then be within your library’s Wi-Fi range to download publications from a catalogue of 2,300+ from 98 countries and in 54 languages.

“I’m very impressed with PressReader. It’s easy to navigate and the papers themselves look really beautiful on a tablet, both of which make for a very enjoyable reading experience,” said Kat Lucas, Acting Head of eServicese at Richmond Public Library. “Like Library PressDisplay, it’s great for our customers to be able to catch up on news from their home countries, and all the more convenient when they can download their papers to their devices and take them to go!”


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The Richmond Public Library is currently partnering with us in a case study on Library PressDisplay. We selected this library for its outstanding staff, commitment to providing exceptional service, and its dedication to its community. In 2010, the library ranked first nationally (Canada) for borrowed per capita (23.28), and first for number of library visits per capita (9.85), and offered 477 programs with an attendance of 147, 874 and of that total, 244 were multilingual programs with an attendance of 16,404.

For more information about the Richmond Public Library, visit their website here.

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