How do you touch your news?

You probably don’t put much thought into the way you read news on your tablet but recent studies have shown there are distinct preferences in the way people read, touch, and swipe their tablets.

The Landscape Instinct

A recent eyetracking study by The Poynter Institute showed several patterns on tablet news reading behavior. In particular, readers strongly prefer reading on their tablets in the landscape position and also had an “overwhelming instinct to swipe horizontally” when viewing full screen photo galleries.


Graph courtesy of The Poytner Institute


This finding is not surprising to us as SmartFlow was developed based on our own internal research that concluded similar findings. SmartFlow was developed to enhance the newspaper reading experience and to optimize newspaper content for touch screen devices with its foundation rooted in its landscape orientation.

Horizontal scrolling and swiping just felt like the more intuitive and more natural way for moving objects such as multiple columns of article text or photos.



SmartFlow mode allows for continuous article reading


Detached vs. Intimate readers

One of the most intriguing findings in this study is that readers chose one of two clearly distinctive reading behaviours.

“Detached” readers set up the viewing field on their tablet and left the screen untouched until they were finished reading. This behaviour is similar to flipping a page and is a behaviour served by SmartFlow’s unique column by column scrolling.

“Intimate” readers tended to move and adjust their viewing field after reading one or two lines of text.  A majority of the readers in this study, 61%, demonstrated intimate reading behaviour.


Improving your reading experience

We are quite familiar with “intimate” usage of the PressReader which is why we made sure your newspapers render quickly so you can adjust your reading field frequently in Page View mode.

SmartFlow mode was also developed with “intimate” readers in mind. We created a unique and innovative way to scroll that allows you to adjust your viewing field column by column rather than page by page like other newspaper apps.

At NewspaperDirect, we are always working on improving the PressReader app and SmartFlow is always a work in progress.

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-Alex Gagin