Library PressDisplay: What it means for your library.

As libraries continue to evolve in an increasingly technology-focused society, patron expectations of library services rise, with more digital services and community programs demanded. 

A Pew Research Report reveals that tech-savvy adults ages 18 – 29 are actually the heaviest users of libraries, especially when dealing with matters relating to government agencies and programs such as immigration.

As a matter of fact, libraries are typically the go-to resource center for new immigrants. And providing your new patrons with their home-town papers is a tremendous supplement to immigration services. Achieve this with Library PressDisplay.

Library PressDisplay is an immense resource for libraries everywhere, enabling libraries to conveniently serve their demographically diverse patronages on- and off-site. As an online, browser-based catalogue of more than 2,200 full-content newspapers and magazines (and counting!), Library PressDisplay is the cost efficient solution to cluttered, costly and selection limited periodical departments.

More than 7,000 libraries around the world know the value of Library PressDisplay, and that if you advertise it in your library, your patrons will use it and love it. See our testimonials.


Library PressDisplay touchscreen at Feng Chua University, Taiwan.

Librarians have come up with creative ways to publicize Library PressDisplay in their libraries – from creative signage to dedicated computers, reading rooms, and information seminars. As an education tool assisting in language learning, academic research, or just as a convenient way to leisurely read favorite newspaper and magazine titles, Library PressDisplay is an asset to your library.

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