Library PressDisplay at Feng Chia University, Taiwan


Mark Ritchie, Director of Library Sales and Distribution, recently had the chance to visit Feng Chia University in Taichung, Taiwan, to tour the university library and meet with administrators. 

Upon arrival, he was immediately impressed by the hip atmosphere of the library setting, the friendly staff, and the high-value services offered. But one particular feature caught his eye – a 55-inch touchscreen dedicated to Library PressDisplay.

Mark was astounded by the fluidity and responsiveness of the display, something that greatly enhances the user experience of Library PressDisplay – a product used by thousands of libraries around the world that allows users to read their favorite newspapers and magazines just as they would with physical paper copies. Mark also noted the clever set-up of the space surrounding the touchscreen which allowed for shared reading, creating an environment in which students and library patrons can discuss current events, popular stories, and more.

Library PressDisplay is a valued addition to any library, especially as libraries all over the world continue to evolve into social, digitally-oriented, community-focused centers.

Mark took the opportunity to film a quick, impromptu demonstration of Library PressDisplay on the mega-touchscreen.

[jwplayer mediaid=”159″]

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