Tutorial: Advanced Keyword Search

Library PressDisplay is a fantastic tool for accessing news information, and one that is perfect for university students and researchers. 

Today, the internet is saturated with news information, and a long-standing issue is the questionable credibility of many online news sources. Library PressDisplay, however, only catalogues real publications, and gives you complete cover-to-cover access to content – no paywalls. With our advanced keyword search feature, you can easily sort through more than 2,200 newspapers and magazines from 97 countries and in 54 languages.

Here’s how you can use the advanced keyword search to find the content you’re looking for:

Step 1: Enter your keyword query in the text box at the top of the page, then click “Search” or on the down-arrow to open the drop-down menu to select “Advanced Search.”


Step 2: Sort through your search results. Notice that results are ordered by search relevance, but they can alternatively be sorted by date.


Step 3: You can further refine your search by using options in the tool bar on the left side of the screen. Search through specific newspapers, by language, by date range, and even by author. Specify if whether your keyword appears in the headline or body of the article.


Step 4: By default, Library PressDisplay will search through newspapers and magazines published within the past three days, but you can extend the date range.