Library PressDisplay – A Perfect Way for Patrons to Read up on the London 2012 Games

With a jaw dropping fireworks display and incredible performances by some of the UK’s best performers, last Friday’s opening ceremonies marked the start of the London 2012 Summer Games. 

For two weeks, athletes have converged in London to compete in a series of sporting events where they will showcase incredible feats of athleticism, determination and human will.

Every 4 years, the Summer Games present a special opportunity for newspaper readers the world over. Rarely do local, national and international publications from countries far and wide cover the same news stories as they do during this two week period, and write them with such sentiments of pride, hope, jubilance, and anguish.

With more than 2,200 full-content publications from 97 countries in 54 languages, Library PressDisplay makes following the Summer Games a breeze. Library patrons can browse full-content publications from page-to-page through a unique interface that simulates the experience of reading the printed edition. Multiple zoom levels enable readers to zero in on articles, and text view can be toggled at any time.

textview_olympicsIn Text View, not only can you activate advanced digital features such as instant translation so you can read foreign news stories in your native language, you can see a list of related stories on the right side of the window providing readers with the opportunity to continue exploring content of interest or compare how different sources cover the same news item.

Compare how stories were covered in the China Daily and the Washington Post as the friendly rivalry between the US and Chinese teams thickens in London, or see how The Baltimore Sun covers their hometown hero Michael Phelps.

Delve into different perspectives of the Olympics. Read what Zoe Wood and Josephine Moulds (writing for The Observer) have to say about what the Games mean from an economic point of view, or read why one reader of the Yorkshire Post feels the Olympics will inspire the world.

For a visual point of view, you can access the photo gallery feature to see all images published in the newspaper or magazine. Other advanced features available on Library PressDisplay publications include on-demand audio – having your newspaper read to you – and the option to share ability to articles on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. They are calling London 2012 the first “Social Games” after all.

As a browser-based resource supporting a host of authentication methods, patrons even have the ability to access Library PressDisplay from the comfort of home just by using their library card number. As demand for more digital services increases, Library PressDisplay can provide your patrons with the publications they love and rely on for the cost of just a few international newspaper subscriptions.

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