Library PressDisplay Now Fully Supports OpenAthens Authentication

Library PressDisplay has most recently upgraded its accessibility, fully supporting OpenAthens authentication. This means that library patrons all over the world can more simply and conveniently access the more than 2,200+ publications from 97 countries in 54 languages our product offers. 

All newspapers and magazines available on Library PressDisplay are full-content digital replicas – the very final proofs that editors themselves send to the printing press. Publications are presented through a user-interface that accurately replicates a traditional reading experience, but are enhanced with a host of advanced digital features to take reading pleasure to the next level.

And with OpenAthens authentication now fully supported, library patrons around the world can take full advantage of everything Library PressDisplay has to offer.


Library PressDisplay is a tremendous resource for libraries everywhere, helping libraries and administrators meet aggressive cost-saving targets, expand their periodical departments, serve a diversifying patronage, and make a planned transition into the digital era. For the cost of only a few international yearly subscriptions, libraries were delivered 2,200 newspapers and magazines every day. This signifies extraordinary value for libraries.

Newspaper Direct’s ND Libraries team is committed to providing libraries with outstanding products and service. As libraries continue to undergo changes brought by the digital era, Library PressDisplay serves as a tool helping to ensure libraries stay resilient.




The Guardian in Library PressDisplay’s Two-Page View