Offset Digital Printing Now Available in Paris!

NewspaperDirect has been a trusted digital printing partner of thousands of publishers worldwide since 1999, and opportunities keep growing! In fact, we are very pleased to announce our most recent partnership with Eucles Daily (Paris, France). By partnering with them, we can now provide day A, full colour, original format printed copies to local distributors and individual subscribers in Paris, France. This new opportunity enables our many publishers to serve the interests of both their readers and their distributors in this market more effectively than ever before!

Our expansive network of print distribution partners provides contract printing services for publishers worldwide. Our network spans across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, and delivers several newspaper printing formats including cut-sheet and traditional format using local offset printers, as well as larger digital printers. Additionally, we offer production in black and white, front page colour and full colour, all based on the needs of the publisher and their client.

Many prominent publishers are already taking advantage of our contract printing services, and often in the most challenging and remote locations. The Financial Times, LA Times, USA Today, De Telegraaf, Bild, Wall Street Journal Europe, to name a few, have chosen us to produce thousands of copies every month and reach targeted readership groups such as travelers, expatriates and loyal readers of their publication!

Don’t miss out! If you plan to change your international distribution strategy or withdraw from existing remote markets, or would like to have your publication distributed at international conferences/events (including the Euro Cup and 2012 Olympics), contact us today!