The Amazon Kindle Fire’s growing market share: How can you be part of it?

Amazon, with its Kindle Fire, has become a major player on the busy Android tablet scene and with its existing ecosystem is one to seriously consider for content distribution. Company’s popular tablet is the primary device out of the overall product offering, which is seeing notable growth with Amazon claiming sales around 1 million units per week, thanks, to a large extent, to its $199 sales price, according to a recent report by IDC. This same report forecasts that the Android market share will grow significantly and Apple’s global market share with their tablet devices will dip to 60% in 2012. You can see a unit forecast by operating system (OS) in the chart below.

How can you have a piece of this pie?

It is actually very easy! As announced this past November, our PressReader for Android application runs on Amazon Kindle Fire and on the latest Gingerbread- and Honeycomb-based phones and tablets. If we have already developed your own Android application, it simply needs to be submitted to the Amazon Appstore for Android, without any changes required.  Otherwise, we need to develop an Android app for you, which is  also very easy to do.  What’s even better, the same app can also be used for distribution on Kobo Vox, Barnes & Noble Nook tablets as well!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at to grow your digital distribution channels and make your content available on millions more tablets worldwide!