Barcode authentication and mobile access come to Library PressDisplay – Learn more at upcoming SLA-AGC & Bibliostar Conferences

NewspaperDirect is pleased to announce that barcode authentication is now available for libraries currently using the Library PressDisplay service. Additionally, libraries now have the ability to set up remote mobile access to Library PressDisplay for their patrons!

As the world’s largest aggregated newsstand for libraries offering over 2,100 full-content newspapers and magazines from 95 countries in 54 languages, the addition of barcode authentication and mobile access means one thing – easier access! As most libraries already know, improved accessibility and availability is a must with more and more patrons demanding anywhere, anytime access to their digital services.

With barcode authentication, patrons will have the ability to quickly and easily access Library PressDisplay using their library barcodes or student IDs. If your library is interested in implementing this authentication method, you’ll simply need to contact NewspaperDirect or your local Library PressDisplay agent with your library card algorithm. In addition, libraries interested in setting up remote access to the service also have the opportunity to do so through a simple URL referral.

Several libraries have already taken advantage and so should yours!

“In 2011, Library PressDisplay was the most accessed resource of the digital library portal by Consorzio Sistema Bilbiotecario Nord Ovest,” says Paolo Lucini of CSBNO, Italy. “Patrons were very happy about the quantity of newspapers in the service and the way it was possible to access them!”

If you or your library would like to learn more about the Library PressDisplay service, Library PressDisplay barcode authentication or remote mobile access, make sure to visit with NewspaperDirect at the following upcoming conferences:

  • SLA-AGC 2012 in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain from 11-14 March, 2012 (in partnership with TechKnowledge)
  • Bibliostar 2012 in Milan, Italy from 15-16 March, 2012 (in partnership with Nicola Cavelli of International Book Sellers)

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting with the NewspaperDirect team in Manama or Milan, please email us at