iOS app v.3.0 is now available for your SmartEdition – Newsstand option and SmartFlow functionality included!

Our upgraded PressReader v.3.0 app launched a few weeks ago and has already received a very warm welcome from its loyal fans and users. We are therefore excited to make its new features and functionality available for your own SmartEdition apps!

One of the most anticipated features of this version is its ability to be included in the Apple Newsstand. To refresh your memory, as part of the iOS5 upgrade, Apple introduced a new marketing platform called the Apple Newsstand. It basically is an aggregating shelf of pre-existing news applications while taking advantage of its server (iTunes)- device (iOS) relationship.

When submitting your app, as a publisher, you simply need to select the option to go for the Newsstand and your app will automatically be included in it. Note that once your app is available in Newsstand, it is no longer available as a standalone app on the user’s device, but rather is featured in the Newsstand shelf.  For examples of this, you can try this app from our Japanese publishing partner, Mainichi RT, and this one from our US publishing partner, The Boston Globe ePaper.

Another great feature of this most recent version of our baseline app is the new and innovative horizontal news reading functionality called SmartFlow.  This feature is the first of its kind and comments from users are overwhelmingly positive!

SmartFlow complements the traditional replica newspaper presentation with an ability to view articles as a continuous stream of stories that flow across the iPad, each optimally presented on the screen. With SmartFlow, users can journey through a collection of articles with visual cues that enhance their reading experience and reveal new gems of content they might otherwise miss. SmartFlow presents subscribers all the content of their favorite printed editions in a fluid stream of articles, where different sized images, fonts, styles and layouts provide insights into the importance of stories so readers can make more informed decisions on what they want to read.

With SmartFlow there is no need to jump to a new page where an article continues in the replica view. Instead, users just click on the “continue link” at the bottom of the snippet to expand to the full story right where they are located in the content flow. SmartFlow adjusts the rest of the stream immediately, making the reading experience more fluid and enjoyable.

SmartFlow is also directly connected with the Page View of the newspaper, allowing users to switch back to the original view of the page to see the article in context with neighboring stories and advertisements. 

To learn more about SmartFlow and to see it in action, click here.

Other new features are:

  • Compatible with iOS5
  • Apple Newsstand compatible*
  • New SmartFlow** content presentation design, fully integrated with the graphical page view (iPad only)
  • Press and hold features
  • Copy & paste articles into note taking applications (e.g. Instapaper)
  • Support for auto-delivery push notifications
  • Various performance and stability improvements

*Availability on the Apple Newsstand is an optional feature. Note that this option is not available for kiosk-type applications.

**SmartFlow is also an optional feature and can also be enabled or disabled by the user in the app’s setting menu

We are certainly excited to make this new version available to you, so contact us directly at, or your project manager, to get the upgrade process started!