New Roll-Fed Printing Partner in New Zealand

We are delighted to announce the addition of a new license partner with roll-fed printing operations in New Zealand, The Magazine Marketing Co Ltd(TMMC).

The partner joined our license partner network in September 2011 and has already started providing key newspaper titles to New Zealand residents and travelers. Stuart Shepherd, Managing Director at TMMC, was quick to recognize a very promising opportunity in his region and decided to moved forward with a new roll-fed production printer located in Christchurch. TMMC has also set up PrintStation print operations in Auckland.

TMMC is New Zealand’s premier agent for magazine publishers from around the globe – including everything from New Zealand’s largest mass market weeklies such as TV Guide, through to highly specialized magazines across multiple categories such as architecture, design and creativity, literacy and sports.  Magazine Marketing Co Ltd’s subscription service provides access to over 300,000 domestic and international magazines and journals to consumers, businesses, schools and libraries.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and we look forward to working with publishers to grow distribution in the region.

If you are interested in a contract printing opportunity or in increasing your circulation in the region, please contact us at