Meet with us at the Digital Asia Conference!

Our own Nikolay Malyarov, VP Publishing and Legal Affairs and Igor Smirnoff, VP Digital are both attending this week’s Digital Asia Conference in Hong Kong. The Digital Media Asia Conference is held from 23 – 25 November 2011 and is meant to present and reward the best in online, mobile and tablet publishing.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to discuss the future of the news and digital media firms from the Middle East to the Asian Pacific and share best practices of some of our global publishing partners. The publishing industry is facing challenges globally, but the Asian market is still an evolving and growing one; print publications are provided with new opportunities in the Eastern markets and have not yet been affected by the same difficulties experienced by the Western markets.

With new opportunities come new solutions, and NewspaperDirect is actively helping publishers in the East and West find the right print and digital solutions for them and their own readers.

If you’d like to discuss with our team or arrange a meeting this week in Hong Kong with Nikolay and / or Igor, contact us at