iOS5 has arrived… Time to upgrade your iOS app to v. 2.5!

Earlier this month, Apple announced the release of iOS 5. Our team has therefore worked hard to provide our publishing partners an upgraded version of our baseline PressReader App  which delivers many improved  features and functionality, as well as being compatible with iOS5.

What can you expect from PressReader Version 2.5?

Along with various improvements, the latest release of PressReader is iOS 5 compatible and introduces users to Smart Zoom functionality. When enabled (see Settings menu), this enhanced feature intuitively zooms into the beginning of any double-tapped article in full newspaper view.

We are constantly working towards improving the platform and adding new useful and helpful features and functionality! Make sure to stay tuned for our next and most exciting PressReader for iPad release to date which will feature our brand new article reading view! Grab a sneak peek here.

Also, contact us today at to get the upgrade process started!